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E-Kids happens every Sunday during our Sunday Gathering for primary school aged children. Upon arrival at church, a member of our Welcome Team will introduce you to a member of our Kids Team. Our children will then leave the service as directed by the meeting leader.

E-Kids is designed for children to discover faith in Jesus, relevant worship and fun teaching that is engaging for them. We want ever child to grow in their faith, make new friends, and be loved and championed by a church community which believes in them.

On Sundays we also have spaces available in the building for Parents/Carers of both babies and pre-schoolers, should you arrive and your little one becomes restless. We live stream our gathering to those spaces so parents still feel part of our Sunday Gathering.

If you’re planning on coming on Sunday why dont you let us know!

We can’t wait to see you!

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Kids worship with their parents at the start and then leave at 10:50 with the E-Kids volunteers to carry on with their worship and learning in a separate area. The programme generally consists of worship, games, learning from the Bible and activities to deepen their understanding.  All our KS2 children are given their very own Bible to use.  This session lasts for an hour and parents collect their children from the children’s area.



Throughout the year E-Kids organise free events for the children of our community, which include craft mornings during holidays, games afternoons and early evening parties and movie nights.